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nonton Body Brokers sub indo – “Corporal brokers” tells the type of story that should let you dry with anger after. Instead, viewers will move away with more embarrassment to the film than indignation about what the tries to say. To make frustration even worse, the film of the writer / director John Swab has just enough pleasure to keep you on surveillance, with more and more vain hope that this could finally start clicking.

Utah (Jack Kilmer) and Opal (Alice Englert) are two young junkies living in the streets of a small town of Ohio, flying proximity shops and eye-catching to finance their habits. One day, while dragging, they meet wood (Michael Kenneth Williams), a guy who recognizes his lifestyle too well, buys them breakfast and help them get them into a treatment program so they can Clean their lives as it itself has been several years earlier. Opal immediately relieves supply, but Utah, who has a second reflection on the life he has lived, agrees to give him a shot. The wood fly to Los Angeles and gets it in a rehabilitation center. With the help of a councilor (Melissa Leo) and support for help can (Jessica Rothe), he starts the slow route at the recovery.

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nonton Body Brokers sub indo – I inspire enough, I suppose, but during this tale of recovery, the real story of the film slowly takes the form. In some places, a narrator (Frank Grillo) reduced to inform viewers that the rehabilitation industry, as a result of ACA provisions, wandered over the last few years, pulling more than $ 12 million per in the only area of ​​South California. A new breed of scam scam has arrived at the places to seize as much of this money as possible by asking patients in the beds of the rehabilitation clinics of all the necessary means where their insurance can be charged for outrageous costs (2 $ 000 for a simple urine test) that they, and sometimes the patients themselves will receive rebounds. The wood is one of these “bodily brokers” and brings the Utah recovered into the game. After a certain initial trend, Utah quickly falls and runs quickly cheerfully from the loads of vans of drug addicts to a non-scrupulous doctor (Peter Greene) To receive implants of a medically doubtful but highly billable nature. Utah begins to have a second reflection on what he does, but at that time, it may be too late for him to come out clean, so to speak.