Clean Up (2019) 6.760


Nonton Clean Up (2019) Streaming Movie Sub Indo

Nonton Clean Up 2019 – A woman who struck the rocky background and an increasingly or less residence, Jung-Ju (Yoon Ji-Hye) works for a day and night cleaning company, drinks drinks to fade. She is tortured by sorrow on the death of her son five years ago, and with guilt on a secret of his past. When an ex-18-year-old sentenced a cleaning company, Jung-ji recognizes it with a jolt and achieves its share of its current and deplorable situation. This first confident functionality of Kwon Man-Ki asks questions about redemption and the reasons we have to make fine.

A positive reception following the world’s film in Busan should ensure another interest of festival – he presents himself in Chicago. Subject to the tone, it may not be caught enough to make a brand brand on the arthouse circuit, but rewards – clean the best shared film in the new section of Busan currents with Savage – should help the movie to connect to broader audiences.

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Clean Up 2019 Sub Indo – The life of Jung-Ju feels like a perpetual penance for something. It maintains friendships to the length of weapons, it remains redesigned dates. She regularly attends the church but drift around the periphery of the faithful community, her eyes slipping towards the door as soon as someone tries to engage. The bad days, she replaces the Holy Spirit with something a little more basic, interviewing with soju until she falls asleep on the couch. Its choice of clothes, disconstible gray and dark beige, is reflected in the movie glum color palette.

The bad days are fixed to increase with the arrival of Min-Gu (Kim Dae-Gun), a former skinned lean teenager, with cropped hair and brands of a difficult life showing already.This in itself causes the tension and the cries of the min-gu shouts in his face. It is only after it is