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Nonton Cocoon 2020 – Cocoon (Kokon) is a triumph at the edge of femininity: a burning portrait of weird weird centered around the Nora Lesbian awakening of fourteen years (Jena Urzendowaky). In the amazing heat of the summer of 2018 of Berlin, Nora has many first: menstruation, masturbation and smoker of marijuana. Yet the main self-discovery of Nora’s sexuality is that cocoon focuses.

Its summer consists of days in the company of its old jule sister (Lena Klenke) and Aylin (Elina Vildanova), the best friend of Jule. Nora is looking for shadow while the other two young women have ocular men’s funny, all Nora looking to focus on Romy (Jella Haase), the new student with a cut of cut and bold pixy and audoography.

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Cocoon Sub Indo – Although contained by the transformation of caterpillars into pots aboard his bedside, Nora can not give meaning to the butterflies she feels when she is Romy. Cocoon is the emergence of Nora of his chrysis while she embarks on a teen trip. The writer-director Leonie Krippendorff captures the intensity of these intimacy, where to scrub the sunscreen in the skin of another woman is like dragging his fingertips through burning embers, his feather-light touch is bold incision. The warm tones of the Berlin street lamp throw an orange hue muted on the skin of cocoon women. This golden glow is amplified when Nora and Romy are together, through the Giddy look of the teenage craze, everything is more magical. Romy welcomes Nora in an Ecstasy Queer space, where sun rays eliminate shadows. There is no space for darkness here, no antagonist either, the growing pains of youth argue.

Krippendorff renders this queer coming-of-age narrative through a compassionate lens. In the absence of men, she develops a cinematic space where Nora is both respected and given the room to flourish. Nora even has the right of passage haircut that a young gay woman often undergoes to mark a fresh start. Also, costume designer Ramona Petersen fashions some wonderful queer looks where Nora finds a home in oversized patterned shirts.

Even the small inclusion of menstrual blood feels revolutionary. Horrified by his first period, Nora locks into a stall of bathroom and is furiously hiding with his stained underwear. The camera is empathetic to NORA’s experiments and the emotional execution of Jena Urzendowaky is wonderfully describing the turbulence of the young woman and the intensity of her desires. Next to it in this utopian space of the lesbian expression, it is magnetic romy, whose eyes are warmer than the hottest summer of Berlin and which will undoubtedly wash the menstrual blood of its jeans.