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Galentine’s Day Nightmare Sub IndoIt’s the day before Valentine’s Day, once all single single single celibate girls. Although his career is rising and landed his dream job, Claire (Camille Stopps) can not say the same for his personal life and decides a night on the city with his girlfriends, it’s what she needs. When she meets Brian (Anthony Grant), she thinks she may have found this one, but quickly realizes that Brian is married to her boss. Now, in a terrible situation, the nightmare of Claire begins only when his boss is murdered and becoming the main suspect. (2021)


The movie starts in a burial. A Hunky man named Brian grows his wife Lisa, who “commits suicide” while Madison (the girl) looks angrily. Flash to two years later.

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Galentine’s Day Nightmare Sub IndoClaire and his girlfriends (Tiffany and Sophia) go to the Galentine Girl’s Evening. Brian presents himself at the women’s table and buys them a few shots. After a drink assembly, Brian approaches the table while Claire is alone. He takes it to the roof to enjoy the view … or push it? They speak where they run and their work. Brians opens on the recent recent death of his wife. Then they kiss at midnight for Valentine’s Day. Claire’s friends fossing him, and she gets home from Brian. (I know he’s hot, but foreign danger, Gurl!) She invites her, and they have sexual time. After Claire falls asleep, he ticks in his phone and steals his credit card numbers.

The next morning, Claire wakes up a brian love note. (It’s just having a pointing card and Valentine’s Day chocolates with him. Of course.) She Gush to her friends at work. (An office with mannequins in. Soooo Maybe the merchandisage of fashion?) When clear leaves a lunch with his boss, Margaret. She runs in Brian, who is married to her boss !!!