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Nonton Her Name Was Jo  – His name was Jo follows Ou 10 years old (Mary Cate Williams), who, after the death of his abusive step-father discount, embarked on a Virginie trip to Los Angeles in search of his biological father. Accompanied solely by his best friend Selma (Eliza Duca), Jo Drug Battlers, Personal Demons and Insulation in this Drama Thelma & Louise-Meets-Room. Editor-director Joe Duca tells a story of friendship, freedom and grow through his captivating and fresh lifestyle of life.

We told John’s eyes, a girl with an abusive past, the film begins by establishing the friendship between Jo and Selma while presenting the daily abuse at his father-in-law, Bill (Jim Constable). After a member of an overdose of drugs, Jo raises the possibility of escaping his life in Shenandoah Valley in the hope of a living with his biological father, folk singer Johnny Alvarez (Robert Hardin). With only one CD of the music of his father while his guide, Jo and Selma empty the body, steal a car, sneaking through drug traffickers and wander in the streets of Las Vegas in search of life beyond violence and freedom in the “City of Angels.”

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Nonton Her Name Was Jo  – His name was JO comprises exceptional and nuanced performance by May Cate Williams like Jo. Throughout the film, Williams carries complex feelings of loss, despair and sweet and sour nostalgia through not only his dialogue, but also moments of silence. DUCA puts care for each image of the movie representing beautiful strokes throughout the girls’ trip. It also brings the straight narrator into girls’ conversations, creating authentic and very humane moments.

My biggest culmination of his name was Jo were tonal changes in organic and significant scenes, such as when Jo saved his girlfriend pregnant with capture. The game when it shows its scars around the campfire is another culminating point. To avoid spoilers, simply know that Jo’s poignant moment at the climax is sublime. Throughout the film, Duca shows its ability to write moments of intensity, sorrow and even beauty during tragedy periods. These complex emotion scenes are perfectly complimented by the ability of Cast to breathe subsequent life in already strong characters.

I really enjoyed my experience to look at his name was Jo. I was more than successfully manipulated by this movie. I felt the adrenaline when Jo fled his kidnappers, cried when she showed her scars and mocked her moments of Selma to be just children. There are moments in the film that tend to linger a little long. However, beyond these minor issues, it was called Jo is an excellent course of convincing characters thrown into the worst circumstances.

Nonton Her Name Was Jo (2020)