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Nonton I Blame Society 2020 – The first death occurs about midway through “I Blame Society,” Gillian Wallace Horvat’s very mean-spirited and very funny feature debut. After the deed, Horvat, who also stars (as a sociopathically dedicated filmmaker called Gillian Wallace Horvat) stares at her tear-streaked reflection in the ugly light of her bathroom mirror, and confesses to the GoPro strapped to her head that it has “precipitated a very drastic tone change” in her film.

To that point, she’s been shooting a relatively light-hearted if deeply self-involved documentary, riffing chirpily on the “compliment” some friends once paid her that she would make a pretty good murderer. Sure enough, the second half of “I Blame Society” skews ever bleaker and nastier as the body count climbs: Aside from all its other virtues, this film is a truly inspiring example of committing to the bit.

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I Blame Society 2020 Sub Indo – On its surface, it’s a bit we’ve seen before. A struggling indie director, facing peer indifference but armed with unshakable self-belief, takes matters into her own hands and makes a movie about a struggling indie director who faces peer indifference, etc. But Horvat is too righteously angry to go as twee as “Living in Oblivion,” and too canny to end up as nihilist as “Man Bites Dog.” (And while the title is perhaps a reference to “Repo Man,” Horvat’s film bears no real resemblance to that cult classic except in its similarly unhinged, escalatingly gonzo vibe).

Her satire instead takes extremely accurate potshots at industry sexism and the condescension of faux-feminist “allyship” — in particular during an excruciating meeting with two hipster indie studio execs (Lucas Kavner and Morgan Krantz) who supply her with ideas including: “strong female lead,” “intersectionality,” “breastfeeding in public” and “how you might think people are white but they’re not.”But the sharpest takedown is reserved for herself Film Layarkita.