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Nonton Me You Madness 2021 – Louise Linton surely knows what much of the country thinks of her. The much-maligned wife of former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has been widely ridiculed during the past four years for such cringeworthy moments as holding up freshly printed bills at the U.S. Mint while wearing black leather gloves, an image that provoked many to compare her to Cruella de Vil.

So it’s refreshing that her directorial/screenwriting debut Me You Madness, in which she stars as a fashion- and fitness-obsessed narcissistic serial killer, very much indicates that she’s in on the joke. The problem is that it’s a godawful joke.

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Me You Madness 2021 Sub Indo – Linton, who also produced the film via her own company Stormchaser Films, plays Catherine Black, an obscenely wealthy (talk about type-casting) and murderous hedge-fund manager who lives in a palatial Malibu estate and seems to spend much more time on personal grooming and her fitness regime than work. The character, Linton informs us in a director’s statement, is inspired by such iconic cinematic femme fatales as Sharon Stone’s Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct, Glenn Close’s Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction and the central figure in the classic 1945 noir Leave Her to Heaven (although the last homage would be more convincing if she knew that the name of that film’s star was spelled Gene, not Jean, Tierney).

In its tiresome attempts to send up its star’s image and not take itself too seriously, the film becomes exceedingly laborious. The lead performers don’t so much wink at the camera as leer at it and threaten to lick it all over, and we’re treated to so many lascivious shots of Linton’s toned, bared physique that one would accuse the filmmaker of sexual exploitation if it weren’t Linton herself. But then again, she never did know how to read a room.