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Nonton 2 Hearts – If you wanted to sum up the dim state of theatrical moviegoing, at least for this week, you could do it in one sentence: “No Time to Die” and “West Side Story” have been bumped to 2021, and “2 Hearts” is opening on 1,500 screens. What is “2 Hearts”? It’s a softheaded piece of morbid romantic treacle — two parallel cloying love stories for the price of one. But it all builds to them merging together, and the film tips its hand within 10 minutes that its spiritual linchpin will be a cataclysmic medical trauma. It takes no great deduction to look at these couples, put two and two together, and realize that what we’re watching is going to turn into a faith-based organ-transplant movie. “2 Hearts” is based on a true story, but what it’s selling is sanctimonious charity disaster porn. The big message is: Even the most devastating trauma is all part of God’s plan.

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Nonton 2 Hearts  – The couples’ stories are like competing Hallmark cards, but if you had to pick the most grating, it would be the coyly idyllic look-how-in-love-we-are! college romance between Chris (Jacob Elordi), a strapping freshman at Loyola, and Sam (Tiera Skovbye), the senior he falls for at first sight. Jacob Elordi, from the “Kissing Booth” films and “Euphoria,” is done no favors by being in this movie. As Chris, he’s so show-offy about his “sincerity” he turns it into a form of smarm.

He raises his eyebrows as if he manipulates them with pulleys, looking at a sensitivity too telegraphy puppy dog. And that voice! He drumbles practically with a self-adorated pre-adorer privilege; It is like the most beautiful Frat-House shower in the world. The film conceives so much flirting saccharin smoking that every clumsy shilly break and a painful sentence sounds painfully

Nonton 2 Hearts (2020)