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nonton Death Saved My Life Sub Indo – The franchise “Started from the holders” of the Life Network dramatizes the real-life crimes, and their last thriller is as wild as it is put. Based on a real story, death saved me into life, the intruder actor of Meagan is good as Jade, a woman who literally false. The death of her own from her to escape from her abusive husband.

According to the official synopsis for life, death saved that my life is inspired by the story of “a woman who failed her death to catch her husband after he hires a Hitman to kill her.” Jade is a successful seller, and her husband Ed (Chiké Okonkwo) are admired and respected in her community. But behind the closed doors, Ed is controlling and abusive. When she tries to leave, he warns you: “If I can not have you, nobody will do it.” When she discovers that she has hired a Hitman to kill her, Jade realizes that the only way to escape her is to convince Ed that Hitman succeeded.

Lifetime has not confirmed that the accurate coincidence of death saved the death of my life, but it is very likely to be inspired by that of Noela Rukundo, who failed his own death in 2015 after her “violent” husband, Balenga Kalala tried May it kill him.

By BBC, Rukundo and Kalala were living in Melbourne, Australia, when Rukundo had to travel to Bujumbura, Burundi, on February 19, 2015 by the funeral of her stepmother. Rukundo was sleeping in her’s accommodation in Bujumbura, when Kalala, suddenly, called her and encouraged her out for “fresh air”. When she took the advice of her, she was kidnapped by a gunman and took off in a car. They called the man she paid for her to get abducted from her, and Rukundo listened to her husband’s voice, “killing her”.


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Death Saved My Life Sub Indo – Despite receiving order, the Hitmen later refused to because “we do not kill women and children.” They gave him 80 hours to leave the country, and even delivered the evidence to incriminate Kalala.

Rukundo was back in Melbourne on February 22, and she waited for her to start her own funeral at night before surprising Kalala and a group of mourners.

“I was standing alone looking at him, I was scared, I did not believe it,” Rukundo said. “He continued talking to himself and when he reached me, he touched me on his shoulder, he jumped, he said: ‘Noela, right?’ … He then begins to scream. ” Kalala was sentenced to nine years in prison.

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