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Nonton Occupation: Rainfall 2021 – Historically, when a sequence of a movie was Greenlit, you could be assured that it was because the first film made a profit stored for its investors. With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, this is no longer necessarily the case. And profession: precipitation tells us that.
Occupation (2021) has barely done anything in the box or international sale, and has become a shot on Netflix in the United States. The writer-Director Luke Sparke has been able to exploit this success to finance this suite.
Although it has a much larger budget, occupation: precipitation is marginally worse than its predecessor.

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Occupation: Rainfall Sub Indo – The occupation was able to make the most of its radically convincing story of a group of survivors to withstand an extraterrestrial invasion and the new film takes off when the occupation ended. It’s two years after the first film and the war between “the resistance” and the “gray” (the extraterrestrials) rage on.

Its main narrative follows Matt Simmons (Dan Ewing) and Alien Gary (Lawrence Makoare) while traveling from Sydney to Alice Springs to discover “precipitation”, a super extraterrestrial weapon sent to Terre eons earlier. On the way, they pick up Peter Bartlett (Temuera Morrison) who presides over a rural community established in the first film.

Meanwhile, Wing Commander Hayes (Daniel Gillies) oversees a giant underground resistance compound, performing sedeled sedal experiments on captured extraterrestrials to develop a weapon that will win the war.

The Virty Amelia Chambers (Jet Tranter) takes his own war against Hayes and the existential epic war between extraterrestrials and humans are reflected in these internal tensions in resistance.

All is delivered by two noisy battle sequences between humans and extraterrestrials.

If you have not seen the first movie, everything looks enough strident and incomprehensible.