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Nonton Space Sweepers (2021) Streaming Movie Sub Indo

Nonton Space Sweepers 2021 – Song Joong-ki returns to the big screen again, this time his science fiction title Grayren is titled Space Balls. This film was directed by Jo Sung Hee, who worked with Song Joong Ki through the film A Wolf Boy. In the South Korean film Seungiho, Song Jong-ki co-stars with Jin Seon-Kyu, Yu Hae-jin and Kim Dae-han, Joey Albright and several other artists.

This film is played by Song Joong Ki as Tae Ho (pilot), Kim Tae Ri as Captain Jang, Jin Seon Kyu as Tiger Park and Yoon Hae Jin as a robot.

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Space Sweepers Sub IndoSong Joong-ki in this space-themed sci-fi film acts like a tae-ho. Another player, Kim Tae-ri, plays the character of Captain Jang. In contrast to Space Sweeper in the first quarter of 2021. The background of Space Sweeper in 2092, where the land is almost uninhabited and 95% of humanity is struggling to survive. The film follows the victorious lives of the crew of a spatial ship who survive by collecting extraterrestrial debris. With a team consisting of a genius pilot, Tae-ho, a mysterious former pirate, Captain Jang, an aircraft technician who is also a former prisoner, Tiger Park and a reprogrammed military robot named Bubs, a spaceship that managed to win to force Another spaceship, when he took the spaceship that was destroyed in their last mission, the team found a seven year old girl on board. They also understand that this girl is a robot that is being hunted to resemble a human and decided to ask for ransom as a substitute.

Space Sweepers was originally slated to launch in the summer of 2020 from July to August. However, the film’s release was postponed to December due to the pandemic. The plan to publish in December did not happen because Corona was not yet stuck. Then the Merry Christmas Christmas and LayarKita Distributors agreed to work together so that the room sweeper becomes the original material.
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