The Secret 2: Mystery of Villa 666 (2021)


nonton The Secret 2 Mystery of Villa 666

nonton The Secret 2 Mystery of Villa 666

He tells the story of four friends who went on vacation to Bali. Son Nina (Aliyah), Cherry (Laura), Wynee (DAR) and Bulan (Metta).

Nina is an Indonesian-French blood girl who is on vacation (back) to Indonesia. Ten years ago, Nina had lived in Bandung with her parents, and she had attended high school until she graduated from high school, before continuing to finally studying in Paris and living there.

Cherry is still single, he works as a psychology professor at one of Bandung’s best universities. Wynee, who recently broke and is still at his head, works as a secretary in a contracting company. Meanwhile, Bulan, recently divorced from her husband, is living her life as a nearest horror novelist.

The four of them left for Bali with a car that belongs to the moon. The four friends seem happy when they are together.

The story begins to be excited and heated when Nina disappears. The friends of her are confused where you are going to Nina.

So, what is the most detailed story about the movie? To discover the answer, do not forget to see Viva’s Live Instagram (@vivacoid) with one of the players of the film, Laura Theux, Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 14.00 Wib.

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nonton The Secret 2 Mystery of Villa 666, The name Laura Theux increases the ranks of teen actresses in the entertainment world. LAURA’s last film entitled The Secret 2: Misteri Villa 666 was broadcast on Nontonfilm. Laura shares a story about how to shoot this horror film. He said the crew and cast spent less than 20 days filming. Of course, each character is a difference. Print girl tries to explore her own role in this film.

“Filming around 20 days in the pic zone. Usually, I’m not looking, what about the characters. If you have export, “said Laura during Live Instagram, Thursday, March 4, 2021. Apart from Laura, horror films play a series of famous stars, they are Dara the Virgin, Metta Permadi, Aliyah Faizah, Al Ghazali and others. Secret Movie 2: Mystery Villa 666 told me four friends who went on vacation in Bali. They are Nina (Aliyah), Cherry (Laura), Wynee (Dara) and Moon (Metta). “Maybe it’s because they shouted everything out to me that it’s not that hard to get along. We read, chemistry together, “he said.

The Secret 2: Mystery of Villa 666 (2021)